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Direct-Sails Summer Sale


The Sailing Season is upon us so why wait until next season to add new sails to your boat. 

With our 15% Summer discount and guaranteed 4 week delivery you can upgrade your sailing experience this season. 

We are offering 15% Off Contender, Dimension Polyant, Challenge, Bainbridge and IYU cloths on all  Mainsails, Head Sails, Downwind Sails, Mizzens, Storm Sails and Racing Sails.

Guaranteed 4 week delivery from when we get your measurements so why wait!

Offer Ends July 31st 2023 so get your quote now!

Direct-Sails 15% Off Summer Sale

15% Off All Sails Until July 31st 2023
Guaranteed 4 Week Delivery So You Can Enjoy New Sails This Season!
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