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About Direct Sails

We are an online-based loft and it is our mission to make buying sails as simple as possible. ​As our name suggests, we aim to bring sails direct from our own manufacturing facilities to your boat. We have simplified the process of buying sails while still working one-on-one with clients and offering top notch service. 


Direct-Sails is able to provide affordable pricing because of the collaboration with our clients to split the workload and save them money. Our clients measure their existing sail or rig and provide those measurements to us, and we do the rest!

We have years of experience making thousands of sails, and have facilitated the design and manufacturing process to bring the savings back to you. 

How It Works

The first step in your voyage of receiving a Direct-Sails sail is to request a quote! You will provide us with the make and model of your boat and any customizations that have been made to the boat.  We want to ensure you get the sail that fits your sailing needs. We look forward to chatting with you on the phone, WhatsApp, WeChat and/or Skype!

After we have discussed the details and options of the sail, we require a 50% deposit; the rest of the payment will be made when your order is ready to be shipped. 

During the deposit process (once we have received your measurements) :


1) Your designer will be in contact with you during the design process to clarify any questions they might have and to ensure you get the best sail.  You will also have the opportunity to bring forward any concerns or changes you're thinking of !

2) You will receive the completed design file of your new sail and the finishing details.

If you have any apprehensions during the building process just let us know, we are more than happy to send you a picture of the sail before we ship it!

We are proud of the incredible quality we provide throughout your sail-buying process and look forward to making your sail. We have a strong warranty and stand by our products. If your sail ever has an issue, just call us! We want to fix any problem that might arise and keep you sailing! 


Guaranteed To Fit



Every Time

Sails need to fit perfectly and we guarantee that your Direct-Sails sail will do exactly that.

We use state of the art design software, combined with thousands of sailboats rig data from previously designed sails on file to check our designs. By utilizing our base of knowledge we can design perfectly-fitting sails.

During the design process we will ask you to take a few simple measurements to make sure your sail will fit perfectly. Our experienced team will walk you through each stage of measuring your existing sails and/or a few quick measurements of the boat. Ask us how we do it!

If you have any issues with the sail when it arrives, its simple - Just give us a call!



Jonathan - SV Unicorn

Thanks so much for the mainsail, It fits like a glove  and  the quality looks superb.  I love the tie in batten pockets you recommended!


Zak  J.

The new  racing sails are prefect for my  Beneteau, the boat feels so well balanced  and quick.  the construction really is first class! Looking forward to  ordering a new spinnaker soon .


Tom - Hong Kong

I just received my new triradial main and headsail . The headsail  furls beautifully and looks  great.  I was so impressed by the custom graphic on the main as well I tested the sails last weekend and the shape and power was  fantastic . Thanks for the great service and sails!

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