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About Our Downwind


Most cruising clients use what the industry calls ‘standard’ sails. This is not just about the size of the sail but the shape of the finished product. The wind angles and wind ranges change throughout the sizes.

​Direct-Sails’ standard downwind sails are our most popular as they are easy to handle and durable; they are perfect for the cruising market because the wind angles are flexible enough to allow a cruiser to use them on a fairly broad wind range.

Standard Asymmetrical Spinnaker (estimate wind range: 80 to 155 apparent wind angle)

Standard Symmetrical Spinnaker (estimate wind range: 120 to 180 apparent wind angle)

  • All Stitches are triple stepped zigzag stitching.

  • All Broad-seams are 2 rows of stitching and radial seams are 1 row of stitching.

  • Radial corners. Corner thickness and layer qty will be adjusted based on furling or non furling sails.

  • Corners can be labelled if requested (head, tack and clew stickers identifications)

  • Torsion lines are available upon request


This sail option is a great choice for the sailor who might be ‘solo sailing’ or out on the water with limited crew. Due to its lack of spinnaker pole, the asymmetric spinnaker allows for more versatility on the water, making it an ideal addition to your sail collection.

Our nylon cloth comes with a rip-stop which is woven into the cloth to provide strength and durability.


This downwind sail comes in a selected range of colors and will be a beautiful and functional addition to any sailboat. The classic form of this sail runs symmetrically alongside your boat as you coast in all downwind conditions. 

Our nylon cloth comes with a rip-stop which is woven into the cloth to provide strength and durability.


We use a variety of spinnaker cloth from a few select suppliers. Our cloths range from ½ oz to 3oz. Cloth prices vary depending on supplier and weight. The lighter the spinnaker, the more expensive.- Direct-Sails uses brand recognized cloths for our spinnakers such as IYU (Mazu), Challenge and Contender. 

Standard Spinnaker colors will be available in either red, white, or light blue,and dark blue.

Asymmetric Sail Options.JPG


Symmetric Sail Options.JPG





We offer a 2 year warranty on the craftsmanship of the spinnakers. Direct-Sails guarantees to take care of our clients if there are any issues. Give us a call and talk directly to one of our team members.


Most spinnakers do not break because of craftsmanship, but breakdown due to damage. Common issues can be spreader damage from misuse or wind range issues. If a mistake happens lets chat! We want to ensure your full satisfaction with our products!


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