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We use modern software to design sails to the exact shape, size, and construction required for your boat. Our clients work collaboratively with us and measure their existing sail or rig and provide these measurements to our team. The client does their part of the work and we do the rest. 

Normally, each sail design takes 4-6 hours to complete. We work with our clients' measurements, our designers' knowledge, and our sailing experience to create the perfect design. The designers will not hesitate to ask questions when they are concerned about measurements. It's our job to confirm if the sail is going to fit the rig, not the client's! Direct-Sails’  collective approach allows sail designers to have confidence to move the sail to the cutting table. 

The end result is a well-built sail, using recognized sail cloth brands, designed to fit your boat at an affordable price. 

Design Options: 

Option 1: Measure and provide your existing sail dimensions (which already fit your boat) and we will make a copy of them. We will send you a copy of the final design if you wish to confirm dimensions on the boat after the design is done. All you need are a couple pieces of rope or a long tape measure to double check the fit and that's it!

Option 2: You can provide basic measurements from our measurement form. It’s simple and for most sails we only need 2 or 3 measurements in order to build a great cruising sail! Don't forget, the more you measure the more customized the sail is to your boat! Feel free to ask questions about measurements!

​After receiving a 50% deposit on your sail we will begin the joint-design process. Once we have received your measurements we will arrange a time to go over everything with you on the phone or via email to make sure your sail is exactly what you need.


We manufacture thousands of sails per year in our own manufacturing facility. 

​Our strict quality-control protocols are overseen by loft managers to ensure each sail that leaves our floor is built to the highest possible standard, using high-end sailcloth and UV material, in a variety of colors, with genuine branded hardware.



All our sails come with a 2 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

If your sail doesn’t fit, just call us. We want to keep you as a long-term client and we are happy to take care of any issues or concerns you might have! Give us feedback and a chance to help show you how we run our business!


We are able to lower the cost of sails by sending them directly to your boat from our factory floor. This does not mean less customer service or support! To do this we collaborate with clients and have them provide the dimensions of their sails. ​This allows us to keep our overhead costs low and keep sailors happy with low prices!

Direct-Sails' goal is to provide sailors with the best value possible for high quality sails, without cutting corners.

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1. Send us a request and we will get back to you within 48 hours (2 business days for quotes).

​2. Our team will connect with you to discuss the sail-making process : sail type, boat length, sailcloth and what measurements are needed to complete your sail plan. We will guide you through the action of measuring your existing sail or rig. 

​3. Once we have received either full payment or a 50% deposit, your sail will go into the design process. Clients will then provide sail measurements and we will get started on the design. Shortly after receiving measurements, your designer will contact you to discuss the design with you. If the designers have questions throughout the process they will correspond with you about changes, any pros or cons to the current design, and address any client concerns. 

4. Your sail will be built in 4 weeks after the design has been completed and approved, and you will then be contacted to arrange shipping. 




We ship worldwide using UPS, Fedex and DHL. We ship Delivery Duty Paid where possible which means you will not have to worry about customs clearance or import considerations.

​When your sail is ready to ship, we will contact you to confirm the shipping location and once shipped, we will send you a tracking number.  

​Our delivery charges are based on the price we pay to the couriers and any duty required by your country will be billed separately before shipping as these costs vary depending on value of goods and country of delivery.

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