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About Our Mainsails

Mainsails are often standard sizing but many clients forget about Dodger heights, Roach size and sail shape. They can range from flat top mainsail to a standard mainsail or dinghy sail, and the details change drastically between them! With your help, our designers will custom design the sail to the specific boat. 



  • Our Standard Mainsails come equipped with 4 partial battens and 1 reef. You can choose to upgrade to 2 full or 4 full battens and adjust the number of reef points.

  • Stitching is done with V92 and V138 threads for most cruising sails but if you are in a high UV exposure area we do have Tenara and comparable UV threads available. 

  • All broad-seaming is done with 2 or 3 rows of triple stepped zigzag and radial stitching is done with 1 row.

  • Bluewater Patching upgrades available upon request.

  • All mainsails come with foot and leech lines

  • All headsails come with tell tales

  • Sailbag

  • Sail Attachments:


Sail Luff - Sails come with standard slider options for the sliders. This is included in the price we quote. Ask us what’s available as we have all sizes of Round Slugs, Flat Sliders, External Sliders and many more. If you're looking for mast cars or fitting the sail to existing custom hardware, just let us know. Most likely we have built sails for your track and know how your existing sail attaches.


Foot of Sail - We use a modern loose footed mainsail design, which gives you significantly more control over the sail!

We also include a velcro strap in the bag. This can be used to secure the clew to the boom.

  • Hardware:

All of our headboards are made from anodized aluminum, and all mainsails come equipped with a Cunningham, draft stripes and high quality storage bags for your sail.

We will ask you to confirm the size of your sliders upon measurement submission.



We use cross cut cloth from Contender, Bainbridge, IYU and Challenge.


Let us know if you would like your boat insignia, and sail numbers on your mainsail!


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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