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Our Woven Sailcloths

At Direct-Sails we specialise in High quality Woven dacron sails. We stock a range of woven sailcloths to fit every budget and cover both your cruising and racing needs. Find out more below about which sailcloth or category would suit you best,


Contender Charter - In response to a growing demand for economical yet long durable materials to service the increasing number of long term cruisers and charter fleets, Contender has developed a range of wovens dacron designed to meet the wear conditions and withstand the increased UV load unique to this type of sailing. Large denier warps provide long term UV protection while adding to the overall tear resistance of these fabrics. Heavy denier warps make these very economical constructions, a vital consideration for larger long term cruising yachts.

Mazu – Manufactured in Taiwan with over 30 years of weaving experience the Mazu cloth range is perfect for budget inshore cruising, lake boats and smaller yachts. The cloth is extensively tested and hold up well against European and American manufactured cloths of similar modulus and thread count

Challenge Atlantic - Challenge designed Atlantic with a medium-firm finish with to target cruising sailors looking for a long-lasting hardwearing sails. Engineered for durable cruising sails. The high production volume of this fabric ensures consistency by lot, and lowers the cost of production to yield an excellent product for a very fair price. Atlantic is a bread and butter for the cruising sailor looking for value.


Contender Fibercon Polypreg and Supercruise – Cruising sails must provide a level of durability and performance with this in Mind Contender have developed the Fibercon AP and Supercruise product lines. With enhanced stretch performance giving efficient sail shapes which boost boat speed and handling and making a cruise more comfortable and enjoyable. The finishing of Contenders Fibercon AP and Supercruise cloths is optimised for ease of handling and the diagonal stability needed in more performance oriented sails.

Bainbridge SPx - SPx is a range of durable sailcloth manufactured using the latest weaving and finishing techniques to deliver consistent quality, reliability and performance perfect for performance and offshore cruisers. It features tightly woven yarns including high tenacity polyester with UV protection throughout. SPx is exclusively designed and made in Europe. The enhanced UV protection makes this the perfect cloth of long term cruisers and those with yachts in High UV environments.

Challenge Newport and High Modulus – Challenges Newport and High Modulus product lines are high quality fabrics designed with Fiber 104 in all directions of the sailcloth, leading to great performance and durability. Fiber 104 is the highest shrinkage polyester yarn used in sailcloth manufactured with the highest tenacity yarn. High shrinkage makes Newport and High Modulus the most densely woven fabrics, with the greatest quantity of fiber Interlockings. It is more expensive than other fibers but the performance benefit more than justifies the increased price.


Bainbridge HSX-P - HSX-P is a balanced sail cloth made with ultra high tenacity fibres and featured a unique matrix double ripstop construction. This creates a sailcloth with an impressive tensile strength ideal for offshore cruising and also performance club racing. This new generation of sailcloth demonstrates the further advancement of Bainbridge’s unique expertise in developing technical fabrics which optimise strength, performance and quality.

Contender Fibrecon Pro - Fibercon Pro sailcloth is woven to a very high density and engineered to match the specific loads of the various rigs used in yachts all over the world. The proportions of your sail determine the selection of a High or Low Aspect cloth

Both High and Low Aspect cloths have the high UV endurance and high density weave so as to ensure that your sail will have an excellent lifespan.

The finishing of our Fibercon Pro fabrics is also geared to match your cruising needs or racing aspirations enhancing boat handling and speed. Every production process is carefully overseen so that you receive a consistent quality of sailcloth which is much stronger than normal woven dacron

Challenge Marblehead – Marblehead is Challenges Sailcloth's Super Premium sailcloth with the highest yarn count and most densely woven fibres. Both Low Aspect and High Aspect Marblehead constructions are made with Fiber 104, the very best polyester sailcloth yarn, in both the warp and fill directions of the cloth. Marblehead Weaves & Fiber 104 are woven with Power-Shrinkage technology. The yarns and fibers achieve their maximum shrinkage during processing. The maximum shrinkage allows the yarns to be woven together more times per yard than any other fabric yielding a super strong and high performance sailcloth.


Contender Proradial - Contender Proradial styles feature technical constructions that balance high fiber denier, count and crimp to create a line of high performance warp oriented fabrics. Unlike some radial styles that sacrifice fill strength and fabric durability for low warp stretch, Pro radial fabrics use specially shaped fill yarns to create a strong and robust weave. These sailcloths are designed for performance applications, the radial finish provides a very firm hand for maximum cloth stability, assuring a fast flying shape. These radial construct look great and perform even better.

Challenge Warp-drive and Proradial - Warp-Drive is made using Challenge's patented process of weaving ultra straight warp yarns into high mass fabrics. The fill yarns take the crimp during the weaving process and surround the warp yarns. At Direct-Sails we then cut the cloth and carefully align the strong warp yarns with the load direction of the sail resulting in a sail with excellent strength and performance. Warp-Drive Race fabrics have zero-crimp warp yarns which give the performance of a laminate with the durability of a woven.

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